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‘Wolfs’ with George Clooney and Brad Pitt gets new fast-paced teaser

“Wolfs,” starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt, “Severance” season 2 and other highly anticipated shows and movies received new teasers in a sneak peek reel released this week by Apple TV+.

The reel, posted Monday, highlighted big-name projects in the pipeline for the streamer and studio that are set for release in the coming months.

The new “Wolfs” teaser gave fans a look at the project with former “Ocean’s Eleven” co-stars Clooney and Pitt.

According to the film’s synopsis, “Clooney plays a professional fixer hired to cover up a high profile crime. But when a second fixer (Pitt) shows up and the two ‘lone wolves’ are forced to work together, they find their night spiraling out of control in ways that neither one of them expected.”

In the brief new teaser, Pitt’s character, Nick, is seen standing in a doorway, wearing a pair of blue latex gloves and speaking into a phone. “This is not how I work,” he says.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney in a scene from “Wolfs.”

Apple TV

Clooney’s character, Jack, is then seen tossing a jacket across the back of a couch, while wearing a similar pair of blue latex gloves.

“Feeling’s mutual,” Jack says.

The pair are also seen hiding in what appears to be a dining booth at one point. In another shot, Nick appears to be cutting wires from an electrical box.

The new teaser follows an earlier full-length trailer for the movie, released in late May by Sony Pictures Entertainment, which is distributing the film in partnership with Apple.

“Wolfs” hits theaters Sept. 20.

A scene from “Severance.”

Apple TV+

This week’s Apple TV+ sizzle reel also featured Adam Scott looking panicked and disoriented in a scene highlighting the new season of the dystopian drama “Severance.”

The star-studded reel additionally features a shot of Matt Damon in the middle of a high-speed car chase, previewing his new film “The Instigators”; Natalie Portman in her new series “Lady in the Lake”; and Scarlett Johansson seemingly plotting a fake moon landing in a trailer for “Fly Me to the Moon.”

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