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Why are these activists travelling to London with 100 Salopians to protest climate change?

The Restore Nature Now march takes place on Saturday, June 22, and is expected to be the biggest gathering of people protesting about nature and the climate crisis that the UK has ever seen.

Dozens of wildlife and environment organisations including the RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, the National Trust, and the WWF-UK are joining forces in order to get as many people as possible onto the streets.

Jamie Russell, from Extinction Rebellion Shrewsbury, said: “Nature is in crisis. The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world and here in Shropshire we are losing wildlife at a shocking rate, from hedgehogs to bees to fish.

“Our rivers are dying due to sewage dumping and our insect populations are being decimated by pesticides.

“The Restore Nature Now march will demand the next government puts nature at the heart of its agenda. Protect our green spaces and rivers; make polluters pay; properly compensate farmers who are caring for nature; and deliver robust legislation to ensure everyone has the right to a healthy environment.”

More than 100 people from Shropshire are expected to join the march in London

More than 100 Shropshire campaigners are travelling to London with coaches departing from the Marches, Shrewsbury, and Telford. Participants have been encouraged to make their own placards and costumes and Salopians have spent the last few weekends taking part in a series of pre-march workshops at venues across the county including at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust member Kate Evans said: “Some people say going on a march isn’t for them, but this march is designed to be legal, inclusive, and family-friendly. I’m really looking forward to marching alongside friends who are members of the RSPB, the National Trust, and the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

“I’ve found marches to be empowering and amazing experiences. They give me hope for a better future. The best way of showing how many people want to see nature restored and cared for is to gather on the streets of London on the 22nd in such big numbers we can’t be ignored.”

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