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When Hema Malini praised Kangana Ranaut’s tenacity and called her suitable for politics | –

Renowned Bollywood actress and BJP MP, Hema Malini, once voiced her admiration for Kangana Ranaut, highlighting her resilience and suitability for political roles. Speaking from Vrindavan, Hema Malini asserted that Kangana’s unwavering determination makes her a formidable force, especially in the realm of politics.
Amidst controversies surrounding Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate’s social media remarks aimed at Kangana Ranaut, who is contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Mandi, Hema Malini extended her support to the ‘Queen’ star.Describing Kangana as a bold and outspoken individual, Hema Malini, who has served as the Mathura MP twice, emphasized that Ranaut’s attributes render her an ideal candidate for political leadership.
The BJP’s decision to nominate Kangana Ranaut from Mandi, her hometown in Himachal Pradesh, garnered widespread attention. Following derogatory comments aimed at Kangana and the Mandi constituency by Congress leaders Supriya Shrinate and H S Ahir on social media, numerous BJP figures rallied behind Kangana.Hema Malini condemned the derogatory remarks made against Kangana, emphasizing the need for dignity in political discourse. She urged Supriya Shrinate to retract her statements, affirming Kangana’s credibility as an accomplished artist and a deserving political figure.
Acknowledging Kangana Ranaut’s political debut, Hema Malini expressed confidence in Kangana’s resilience, asserting her ability to counter adversity effectively.
In response to queries about the vulnerability of film personalities entering politics, Hema Malini acknowledged the challenges but commended Kangana’s steadfastness. Despite potential hurdles, she expressed faith in Kangana’s capabilities as a leader, particularly representing Mandi.

Asserting that artists often possess a unique perspective beneficial for governance, Hema Malini reiterated her support for Kangana Ranaut’s political aspirations. As she seeks re-election from Mathura in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, Hema Malini reaffirmed her belief in Kangana’s potential to excel in her new political role.
Hema Malini’s remarks not only endorse Kangana Ranaut’s political journey but also underscore the significance of artists’ contributions to political discourse and leadership.

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