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US takes ‘significant step forward’ for F-16 sale to Türkiye: Envoy – Türkiye News


U.S. Ambassador to Türkiye Jeff Flake has stated that a significant stride was taken regarding the sale of F-16 jets to Türkiye, without specifying the nature of the step.

“Today marks an important step forward in Türkiye’s purchase of the latest-generation F-16 Block 70 fighter jets and upgrades to its existing fleet of F-16s,” Flake said on a social media post on June 6.

“This is good for U.S. national security, Turkish national security, and NATO interoperability.”

The ambassador also expressed gratitude to the Turkish defense and foreign ministries for their efforts in the process.

Issuing a similar statement, the U.S. Department of State’s Political-Military Affairs Department said, ” The U.S. is proud to announce today a major step forward in Türkiye’s purchase of new F-16 Block 70 fighter jets – the most advanced F-16 ever made, available only to closest Allies and partners.”

“Just the latest example of U.S. enduring commitment to security partnership with Türkiye.”

Both the ambassador and the department did not elaborate on the content of the step.

In response to a question during the weekly briefing, Turkish defense ministry sources said the sale and modernization process continues in accordance with the established timeline.

Under the deal, Türkiye is set to receive 40 new F-16s and upgrades to 79 of its existing fleet. In February, The U.S. Congress gave its final approval for the sale under a $23 billion deal.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul commemorated the 248th anniversary of the U.S. Independence Day with a reception attended by over 1,000 participants.

“My team and I are deeply honored to represent the United States in Türkiye, especially on this evening as we celebrate our nation’s independence. Our shared history is a robust testament to the immense potential that the future holds,” Flake stated.

U.S. Consul General Julie Eadeh, addressing the Turkish and American guests, expressed appreciation for their commitment to supporting mutual values, saying, “Let us advance together as partners on the path to development, prosperity and opportunities.”

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