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UK Election 2024 Live Updates: UK elections: Rishi Sunak’s party set to suffer total

2024 United Kingdom Elections Live: Labour is hopeful and Conservatives morose before voters deliver their verdict on UK’s election day

British voters are participating in a parliamentary election expected to bring the Labour Party, led by Keir Starmer, to power. The election is occurring against a backdrop of economic issues, distrust in institutions, and social challenges.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party, in power since 2010, faces significant voter dissatisfaction.

Starmer emphasizes the need for change and urges votes for Labour. The Conservatives acknowledge Labour’s likely victory but warn against giving them a “supermajority.” Sunak insists the election’s outcome isn’t certain, urging votes to limit Labour’s power.

Labour’s campaign, focused on economic growth, infrastructure investment, and clean energy, has been steady and supported by much of the business community and some traditionally conservative media. The Conservatives’ campaign has been troubled by gaffes and scandals, including investigations into insider betting.

Voter distrust extends beyond the Conservatives to politicians in general, with figures like Nigel Farage attracting attention with anti-immigration rhetoric. The Liberal Democrats and Green Party also seek to appeal to disaffected voters. Some voters remain undecided, weighing their options between the known and unknown political entities.

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