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UAE police issue 6 guidelines for maintaining cars during summer months


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Sheikha Al Naqbi, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Police, as part of the “Safe Summer” campaign, called on drivers to adhere to following 6 important guidelines for safe driving that enhance their safety and the safety of their companions during the summer months in the UAE.

The police explained that the instructions are:

— Checking fluid levels,

— Making sure safety tools are available

— Not driving with the steering wheel hot

— Ensuring the vehicle’s tyre pressure and condition

— Not leaving items inside the car

— Parking the car in shaded places.

The Ministry of Interior revealed that 1,396 fire incidents occurred in transportation during the past year, noting that 823 of these fires were minor fires, 560 of which were light fires, while 3 fires were classified as major fires, and 10 fires were classified as moderate fires.

According to the geographical location of transportation fires, 264 fires occurred in Abu Dhabi, 326 fires in Dubai, while 231 fires occurred in Sharjah, 102 fires in Ras Al Khaimah, 109 fires in Ajman, 85 fires in Fujairah, 31 fires in Umm Al Quwain, 195 in Al Ain, and 45 in Al Dhafra.

Statistics showed that 964 cars and 153 trucks were damaged by the fires, while 95 light vehicles, 34 bicycles, 22 buses, 7 boats, 8 tankers, and 3 caravans were damaged by the fires.

The Ministry indicated, according to recent statistics, that 1,008 fires were reported by calling 999, while 128 fires were reported through the police and traffic, and the public reported 214 fires, while police patrols reported 14 fires, and 10 fires were reported through officers and individuals, Military personnel, while 10 fires were reported across civil defense departments and centers.

The Ministry stressed its keenness to raise traffic awareness among drivers by launching activities, including giving lectures and distributing educational posters about traffic rules and regulations to road users.

The Abu Dhabi Police called on the public to strengthen means of joint cooperation, by passing security information via the phone service 8002626 or sending text messages to the number 2828, in order to contribute to enhancing community security, providing a safe and stable environment, and preventing the risks of crimes of all kinds.

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