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Turkey vs Portugal highlights: Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva both score as dem win dia

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Wetin we call dis foto, Bernardo Silva first tournament goal and one yeye own goal give Portugal di lead for half tim.

Portugal don qualify for di next round of di ongoing Euro 2024 championship afta dem beat Turkey 0-3.

Portugal no take am easy wit Turkey as dem begin score goals from first half.

Bernardo Silva score im first tournament goal for di 25th minute.

Turkey player Samet Akaydin score one yeye own goal wey give Portugal di lead for di 28th minute.

Cristiano Ronaldo assist, wen im pass di ball to Bruno Fernandes for di 55th minute, na so dem put di icing on di cake.

Dis na Portugal joint biggest victory for di European championship level wit 3-0 win against Croatia for 1996, Germany for 2000 and Hungary for 2020

Match highlights

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Wetin we call dis foto, Cristiano Ronaldo for Euro 2024

Second Half

Full Time Turkey 0-3 Portugal

90 + 6 Referee blow whistle match don end.

90+5 Ruben Naves of Portugal rush one shot from long range but e okay am over di bar!.

90+2 Bernardo Silva break into di box as im go afta one challenge of one Turkey player but referee say NO PENALTY!

90+1’ Linesman raise flag for offside bifor Bruno Fernandes continue im move.

90’ Referee add extra five minutes.

88’ Substitution for Portugal Vitinha don comot and Joao Neves replace am.

One pass from di Turkey Defence almost meet Bernardo Silva of Portugal but Altay Bayindir come early enof to block di pass.

86’ Ferdi Kadioglu of Turkey collect ball from im opponent leg but e commit foul for di process and referee blow whistle.

83’ Substitution for Portugal as Pepe comot for Antonio Silva to enta. Pepe dey 41 years and e still gallant dey play ball.

81’ Portugal Defence dey face hard time as Turkey just dey play shots from evri angle, especially di one from Arda Guler.

79’ Turkey get anoda corner but Portugal defender block di ball.

79’ Turkey get corner kick but notin come out as di ball go out of play.

76’ Merih Demiral of Turkey don replace am.

73’ Samet Akaydin get serious injury and e be like say im game for today don end.

72’ Yūsuf Yazici of Turkey tackle imm opponent legs. Referee blow whistle.

70’ Turkey too don make changes as Yunus Akgun dey comot for Arder Gular.

68’ Substitution for Portugal, Nelson Semendo don enta, e replace Joao Cancelo

67’ Baris Alper Yilmaz of Turkey bin fall down sake of one challenge from di defender but referee no look dia side even as di players think say na penalty call.

65’ Zeki Celik no fit score as im pass dey cut short.

63’ Kenan Yildiz of Turkey receive one pass, im try im luck wit one low range shot but e fly ova di cross bar.

60’ Yūsuf Yazici of Turkey collect one pass from di flank, im look up con fire one shot wey nearly enta goal from di edge of di box but defender clear am.

56’ GOAL! Bruno Fernandes of Portugal score dia third goal afta Cristiano Ronaldo pass di ball to am as e face empty net.

53’ Yūsuf Yazici play di ball towards middle of goal but Diogo Costa balance well to save di ball.

53’ Notin come out from di corner kick wey Bernardo Silva of Portugal play. Turkey Defence block di ball.

51’ Pedro Neto send one ball into di box but Turkey defence clear am.

50’ Portugal dey play well as a team as dem dey pass di well well.

48’ Turkey play one dangerous corner kick but Portugal defence clear am.

46’ Turkey too don make changes as Orin Kokcu don comot and Yusuf Yazici replace am.

46’ Ruben Neves don replace Joao Palhinha

Pedro Neto done enta for Rafael Leao of Portugal.

46’ Second half start wit plenti substitutions.

First Half

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45’ Referee add one minute

45’ Joao Palhinha of Portugal collect yellow card.

43’Pepe of Portugal see imsef past di last defender but linesman signal for offside.

42’ Zeno Celik of Turkey no happy wit di decision of di referee, na so referee give am yellow card too.

42’ Samet Akaydin of Turkey bring down im opponent and collect yellow card from referee.

40’ Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal bin hold ball but e dey offside.

39’ Rafael Leao don collect yellow card for Portugal and im go miss di next match.

37’ Cristiano Ronaldo get di ball, e play di shot high ova di bar. Turkey get goal kick.

35’ Bruno Fernandes get one short pass Cancelo but im shot go wide to di right of di post.

32’ Hakan of Turkey volley di ball near di goal post but goalkeeper clear am.

28’ GOAL! Portugal increase dia goal tally afta Akaydin score own goal

25’ Abdulkerim Bardakci of Turkey don collect yellow card, im go miss di next game. E collect di first yellow of dis match afta e tackle in opponent.

22’ GOAL! Bernardo Silva score for Portugal as e put di ball pass di goalkeeper.

19’ Anoda freekick for Portugal as Turkey player Kahn Ayhan collect warning from referee for foul.

16‘ Portugal get free kick afta Baris Yimaz tackle im opponent.

15’ Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal pass di ball to Rafael Leao but goalkeeper Altay of Turkey catch di ball.

12’ Portugal dey hold possession of di ball as dem dey do one touch passes.

11’ Yunus of Turkey play one through ball but e go over hit di ball. Na goal kick for Portugal.

8’ Miss! Cristiano Ronaldo miss chance for Portugal as e head di ball from near penalty spot, di ball go over di bar, Turkey get goal kick.

8’ One beta cross nearly meet Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal but Turkey defender clear di ball.

7’ Chance for Turkey as Akturkoglu connect wit one cross but im shoot off target, Turkey play corner kick wit short pass.

4’ Bruno Fernandes of Portugal shoot di ball from far but Turkey player block di ball.

2’ Dem cross ball into di box and Cristiano Ronaldo react sharp sharp as im fire shot wey land for di bottom right corner but referee blow foul.

1′ Match don start as referee Felix Zwayer blow whistle.

Portugal starting 11: Diogo Costa, Joao Cancelo, Ruben Dias, Pepe, Nuno Mendes, Vitinha, Joao Palinha, Bruno Fernandes, Bernado Silva, Rafael Leao, Cristiano Ronaldo

Turkey starting 11: Altay, Zeti Selik, Samet Akaydin, Abdulkerim, Kadioglu, Kaan, Orkun Kokucu, Yunus, Baris, Arktokoglu

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto, Diogo Jota play im first match for Portugal for 2019

Match stats

Portugal bin enta dis match wit impressive record against Turkey – dem bin don win seven out of nine matches, and Turkey win two.

Hakan Calhanoglu bin complete 88 of im 95 passes for Turkey 3-1 win over Georgia – di highest number wey any Turkish player don get for di history of European Championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo no score any goal for im previous three appearances against Turkey too.

Di last time di two sides meet na for March 2022 before now, and Portugal win 3-1.

Turkey neva beat Portugal since 2012 and dia previous victory happun for 1955 – both wit di score line of 3-1.

Dis na di fourth meeting between Turkey and Portugal for di Euros. Portugal bin also win all dia last three encounters for di tournament, and dem no concede any goal: 1-0 for 1996 (group stage), 2-0 for 2000 (quarter-finals) and 2-0 for 2008 (group stage).

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