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Trump gives interview on Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast: Live updates

Donald Trump gifts Logan Paul mugshot T-shirt

Donald Trump was interviewed by Logan Paul for his podcast Impaulsive this week, presenting the host with a MAGA cap and t-shirt bearing his notorious mugshot.

The podcast began with questions about his felony convictions and why he is running again — allowing the former president to reel out many of his usual diatribe of falsehoods from his rallies — before moving on to a wide variety of topics from the upcoming debate on CNN to aliens to Taylor Swift and the rap beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

Earlier on Thursday, Trump returned to Capitol Hill for the first time since the January 6 riot, to meet with Republican lawmakers about his campaign and potential second term in office.

During his meeting with members of the House of Representatives, the former president spoke about issues including abortion and immigration but sparked fury over a reported remark in which he called the Republican 2024 convention host city Milwaukee “horrible”. GOP lawmakers claim the quote was taken out of context but Democrats were quick to pounce in response.

It was a busy day in DC for Trump who also met with GOP senators and addressed a gathering of CEOs.


ICYMI: Having survived the McCarthy revenge tour, Nancy Mace must now deal with Trump

South Carolina Rep Nancy Mace is once again the victory of a Republican primary election against an opponent backed by a prominent foe.

The congresswoman won the Republican primary in South Carolina’s 1st congressional district over challengers Catherine Templeton and William Young; as votes came in, Mace pulled to an early lead and was declared the victor early on Tuesday evening.

Her victory comes after former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy targeted her as one of the eight Republicans responsible for kicking him out of the speaker’s chair last fall.

John Bowden was following the race:

Oliver O’Connell14 June 2024 08:30


Trump’s MAGA allies forced to face jeering protesters

Others shouted out “bootlicker” and “don’t drink the Kool-Aid.”

Another protester in a bear costume held up a sign reading “bigger tax breaks, bigger profit.”

Alex Woodward reports on the scene:

Oliver O’Connell14 June 2024 06:30


What did Trump discuss with GOP House members?

Eric Garcia and Katie Hawkinson report:

Donald Trump met with House Republicans on Thursday, marking his first visit to the Hill since before the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots.

The former president met with members of his party behind closed doors, just weeks ahead of the Republican National Convention — where Trump will be named the party’s presidential nominee — and five months ahead of the 2024 election.

Dueling protesters heckled Republicans as they filed into the Capitol Hill Club, where Republicans often hold their meetings.

Oliver O’Connell14 June 2024 04:30


Trump makes bizarre claim Nancy Pelosi’s daughter said the two would be ‘perfect together’

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told his party’s members that Democrat Nancy Pelosi ‘sdughter said the two would be “perfect together” – a comment that drew the immediate ire of her family.

“Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is a whacko,” Trump allegedly said on Capitol Hill on Thursday while speaking to House Republicans. “Her daughter told me if things were different Nancy and I would be perfect together.”

Kelly Rissman has the story:

Oliver O’Connell14 June 2024 02:30


‘Trump too small’ can’t be trademarked, Supreme Court rules

A man’s attempt to trademark the phrase “TRUMP TOO SMALL” has run its course after the Supreme Court ruled that the law protecting individuals from having their name trademarked without their consent does not violate the First Amendment.

In a unanimous decision on Thursday, Justice Clarence Thomas said the law restricting the trademarking of names reflects the, “historic rationale of identifying the source of goods” to ensure “customers know the source of a product”.

“A party has no First Amendment right to piggyback off the goodwill another entity has built in its name,” Justice Thomas added.

Ariana Baio reports on the court’s decision:

Oliver O’Connell14 June 2024 01:30


Kamala Harris joins the Milwaukee discourse

Oliver O’Connell14 June 2024 01:00


ICYMI: Jimmy Kimmel compares Trump to Hunter Biden

Speaking about the weapon, Kimmel said on his Wednesday show: “That could be a violation of his parole and could be another potential felony.” He then joked: “Who does this guy think he is, Hunter Biden?”

Kelly Rissman has the story:

Oliver O’Connell14 June 2024 00:30


Liz Cheney reacts to Trump and McConnell making peace

Former Republican Rep Liz Cheney took to X to share her thoughts on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and former president Donald Trump making peace having not spoken since December 2020 — prior event to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

She wrote: “Mitch McConnell knows Trump provoked the violent attack on our Capitol and then ‘watched television happily’ as his mob brutally beat police officers and hunted the Vice President.

“He knows Trump refused for hours to tell his mob to leave and ‘even then with police officers bleeding…he kept repeating his election lies and praising the criminals.’

“He knows Trump committed a ‘disgraceful dereliction of duty’ and is a danger to our Republic. Trump and his collaborators will be defeated, and history will remember the shame of people like @LeaderMcConnell who enabled them.”

Cheney was one of two Republicans — alongside Adam Kinzinger — who joined the House select committee that investigated the event of January 6.

Oliver O’Connell14 June 2024 00:00


Trump gives surprising answer on the existence of UFOs

Donald Trump has revealed whether he believes in UFOs during an interview with social media personality Logan Paul released on Thursday.

Trump described meeting with military pilots who had strange encounters with unidentified anomalous phenomena, as the government refers to them.

Oliver O’Connell13 June 2024 23:45


Trump ‘ready to burn it all down’ as he returns to Capitol Hill, Biden campaign says

The 30-second television spot, called Burn, opens with scenes of the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol and a narrator stating that Trump “lit a fire in this country” that day before recalling how the riot left 140 police officers with injuries.

Oliver O’Connell13 June 2024 23:30

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