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Trump falls behind Biden in latest Fox News poll as he lashes out at network: Live

‘I love Milwaukee’ claims Trump in U-turn on comments at GOP meeting

The judge in former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case, Judge Aileen Cannon, declined private requests from federal judges that she step aside from the case after she was assigned to it last year.

The New York Times reports that two more experienced South Florida judges told her it would be best if she passed the case on, but Cannon chose to remain.

Her assignment prompted concerns regarding her limited trial experience and that she had previously intervened in the criminal investigation that led to Trump’s indictment in a way that appeared to favor him.

A series of hearings on motions to dismiss the case, including an attempt to invalidate the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith, will take place on Friday.

Meanwhile, Trump has fallen two points behind Joe Biden in the latest Fox News national presidential election poll, the first time the president has led the survey since October.

A furious Trump has lashed out at the conservative network on Truth Social, calling the poll “TRASH” and complaining that “nobody can ever trust Fox News”, and telling the Murdoch family “all you need is Trump”.


Trump ready to accept Republican nomination even if he’s in prison

Donald Trump could be sentenced to prison just days before the Republican National Convention — but the RNC co-chair says that won’t stop him from accepting the party’s nomination.

Lara Trump, who is also Trump’s daughter-in-law, discussed the possibility that hush money trial judge Juan Merchan could jail the former president days before the GOP convention during an interview with Real America’s Voice host Terrance Bates.

That could make for a highly unique convention, as Kelly Rissman reports.

Oliver O’Connell21 June 2024 08:15


Listen: New audio includes Trump admitting he lost 2020 election

Oliver O’Connell21 June 2024 07:15


Trump’s face. On money?

Is this what he has always dreamed of?

Gustaf Kilander reports on the latest attempt to win favor with the former president.

Oliver O’Connell21 June 2024 06:15


Trump campaign reports having more cash than Biden’s

For the first time, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign reported having more cash in its main account than Joe Biden’s re-election campaign had in its account, financial disclosures showed on Thursday, as both sides built their war chests ahead of the presidential election.

Trump’s campaign had about $116 in them bank at the end of May, more than double what it had a month earlier, while Mr Biden’s campaign told the Federal Election Commission it had about $91m in the bank, just above what it had at the end of April.

The full financial picture for the two camps isn’t clear because while both campaigns had a Thursday deadline to report their finances to the federal regulator, several of their associated fundraising committees won’t report on recent activity until July.

Mr Biden’s campaign and his party had earlier released unofficial figures touting $212m in cash holdings, but did not detail which committees held that money.

The figures disclosed to the Federal Election Commission appear to represent a dramatic financial turnaround for the Trump campaign, which had lagged behind Biden earlier in the year. The two candidates are neck-and-neck in national public opinion polls, while Trump leads in several battleground states.

Namita Singh21 June 2024 05:43


Trump to speak at Road to Majority conference on Saturday

Donald Trump will be back in Washington, DC on Saturday to speak at the conservative Christian activist group Faith & Freedom Coalition’s 2024 Road to Majority Conference.

The former president is set to speak at the event at the Washington Hilton on Saturday, June 22 at 1.30pm — we’ll be covering it live.

“We are honored to welcome President Trump back to the largest gathering of conservative Christian activists in the nation,” said Ralph Reed, Founder and Chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. “This will be his ninth appearance at the Road to Majority Policy Conference. I am confident President Trump will receive the enthusiastic response from our grassroots activists that he has earned for being such a solid champion for our shared values of faith and freedom.”

Oliver O’Connell21 June 2024 04:45


Post-presidency, Trump claimed he ‘needed to go upstairs to deal with Afghanistan’ author says

The author of a new book about Donald Trump’s background in reality television has recounted a disturbing anecdote alleging that the former president still believed he had foreign policy powers long after he had left the White House.

That doesn’t sound good.

Joe Sommerlad has the story.

Oliver O’Connell21 June 2024 04:15


Trump calls latest Fox News poll ‘TRASH’

Donald Trump is far from done complaining about Fox News. Here’s what he just wrote on Truth Social:

The latest Fox News poll is TRASH! They used a biased, Democrat-leaning sample of voters, polling more Biden 2020 voters than Trump 2020 voters to skew the results in favor of Crooked Joe. I am leading BIG in virtually every other poll, including in all of the key battleground states, like Wisconsin, where I just held a massive rally, and Pennsylvania, where I will be on Saturday.

Also, the #1 issue in this Country is not protecting democracy. It is INFLATION and IMMIGRATION! If it is protecting democracy, Trump is your best choice, because Crooked Joe Biden is the greatest threat to democracy in history with his Open Border and weaponization of our justice system against his political opponent, ME! Fox News polls have never treated me, or MAGA, fairly! Don’t worry, we will WIN!!! Fox News should get rid of Paul Ryan, and get a new Pollster, but they won’t….

….Real Clear Politics just came out and has me leading by a lot, especially in the all important Swing States. My best numbers yet, despite the Biden “Weaponization of Justice.”

Oliver O’Connell21 June 2024 03:45


Roger Stone’s plan to help Trump challenge 2024 election results revealed by secret recording

Gustaf Kilander has the story.

Oliver O’Connell21 June 2024 03:15


Fauci talks about his relationship with Trump on ‘The View’

Dr Anthony Fauci told talked about his complicated relationship with Donald Trump during the Covid-19 pandemic in an appearance on The View this morning.

“We kind of had that New York — he calls it ‘swagger’ — with each other… That was really good in the beginning until he wished and hoped that the outbreak would disappear,” he said.

“We did have a good relationship, but he was really very upset about the fact that I had to get up and say, you know, no, it’s not going to disappear like magic, and, no, hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work no matter what Laura Ingraham is telling you.”

Oliver O’Connell21 June 2024 02:45


RFK Jr’s presidential campaign raised just $2.6m in May

The figure was released in a new Federal Election Commission filing on Wednesday, revealing that his campaign spent around $6.3m last month, with a lot of those funds sent through a limited liability company focusing on ballot access, CNN reported.

Eric Garcia and Amelia Neath report.

Oliver O’Connell21 June 2024 02:15

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