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The Matcha Tokyo, a renowned Japanese matcha brand dedicated to championing a healthy lifestyle through the finest organic matcha, proudly announces its debut in Dubai with a captivating kiosk nestled in JBR.

With a vision to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, The Matcha Tokyo introduces a refreshing matcha lifestyle that effortlessly integrates into contemporary living. Esteemed for its commitment to taste and quality, The Matcha Tokyo ensures an authentic matcha experience, boasting a robust umami flavour without any hint of astringency.

Embark on an exquisite journey through the world of matcha mastery at The Matcha Tokyo’s JBR kiosk, where an enticing array of expertly crafted beverages awaits. Guests can indulge in the essence of pure matcha with the Japan Premium selection, offering a harmonious balance of umami, aroma, and colour. Delight in the luxurious richness of the Gold Blend, celebrated for its deep umami flavour and lingering aftertaste. Signature creations include the velvety Matcha Latte, a fusion of rich matcha and milk, and the bold Matcha Coffee Latte, blending matcha with coffee. Traditionalists can savour the comforting notes of the Hojicha Latte, while refreshment seekers can opt for the zesty Matcha Lemonade or the cooling Frozen Matcha Latte. For the ultimate indulgence, the Matcha Soft Cream awaits, offering a creamy delight with crunchy brown sugar.

Sustainability lies at the core of The Matcha Tokyo’s philosophy. Founded in 2018 by Masahiro Nagata, CEO, and Maki Sotokawa, Co-Founder and Brand Manager, in Japan, the brand advocates for elevating the value of matcha while promoting sustainable practices. By supporting soil preparation, organic tea growth, and environmental conservation efforts, The Matcha Tokyo aims to preserve the legacy of delicious matcha for generations to come.

Beyond taste, The Matcha Tokyo’s commitment to quality extends to its health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, matcha offers numerous advantages for both physical and mental well-being, including improved brain function, heart health, physical fitness, and skin appearance. Ensuring matcha is grown without synthetic pesticides or herbicides, The Matcha Tokyo provides customers with a healthy and wholesome choice.

Whether enjoyed during sports activities, relaxation sessions, or work/study breaks, matcha serves as a versatile companion for various lifestyle needs. With its kiosk now open in JBR, Dubai residents and visitors alike can immerse themselves in the unmatched taste and benefits of authentic Japanese matcha.

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