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Snow in June? Parts of Alberta get blast of wintry weather

While Eastern Canada deals with a stretch of heat and humidity, parts of the West are contending with snow and frost advisories.

The current weather pattern has locked an upper low over the Prairies with a trough that extends all the way down into parts of Idaho and Montana.

This low-pressure setup is causing below-seasonal temperatures for Calgary and the recurring risk of non-severe thunderstorms in the afternoon.

For regions along the foothills and at higher elevations, snow and sleet is possible in conjunction with the cooler temperatures.

It’s going to be a couple more days of unsettled conditions with highs in the low to mid-teens for Calgary and the surrounding areas, but there will be gradual stability day by day.

Come late Thursday, southern Alberta will be situated on the south side of the jetstream, which will get our daytime highs back up to normal, but there still could be the risk of active weather in the afternoon.

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