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Remains of Unknown WWI Soldier Return Home

Remains of Unknown WWI Soldier Return Home

The Unknown Soldier’s casket is taken off of the military plane.

The remains of an unknown Newfoundland soldier who died during World War I are back home.

It was a homecoming over a century in the making.

The repatriation of the remains began with a ceremony in France on Saturday morning. The remains were transported on a military jet back to St. John’s, escorted by two CF-18 fighter jets.

The setting sun shone brightly as the casket, draped in a Canadian flag, was taken off the aircraft.

The Unknown Soldier’s casket is taken off of the military plane towards the hearse.

As the casket was carried to the waiting hearse a line of military representatives stood to the right, and political officials and other delegates to the left.

MP Seamus O’Regan, who was part of the delegation to France, summed up the emotional and powerful ceremony in two words, “he’s home.” He continues by saying that “at some point 100 years ago a family lost their son and a mother lost her son, her boy, and he’s home now. And I think to anybody that’s very powerful.”

Premier Andrew Furey and his family watch as the casket is placed in the hearse.

After the remains were laid in the back of the hearse a procession made its way through the streets of St. John’s, passing sites of historical significance along the way.

People lined the streets for the occasion, paying their respects as the hearse passed by.

At RNC Headquarters, the lights atop several cruisers were flashing, and officers stood and saluted the hearse as it pulled in their parking lot.

Wally Upward, who had three great uncles fight in WWI -one of whom was killed, was one of the people who came out to view the remains coming home

He says it is very important occasion, and, despite recently having three surgeries on his leg, would not have missed it.

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