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Putin faces rare protest as Kyiv fires first US weapon inside Russia – latest updates

Zelensky says China trying to undermine Ukraine peace summit

Vladimir Putin faced a rare protest in Moscow by Russian women who demanded his defence minister Andrei Belousov return their mobilised husbands from the frontline in Ukraine.

A group of 18 women gathered to appeal personally to Belousov, who was appointed to the role last month. They asked him to impose strict limits on how long soldiers could serve before they were rotated out of active duty, said Paulina, 20, whose husband is fighting in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russian sources claimed that Ukraine fired American weapons at Belgorod for the first time after Washington lifted a ban on Kyiv using its weapons inside Russia.

The Ukrainians reportedly fired the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, or HIMARS, at bordering Belgorod city, Russia’s defence ministry and military bloggers said.

The escalation comes as Norway’s top general warned that Nato’s window of preparing against Russia had dwindled from about ten years to two or three years.

“At one point someone said it’ll take ten years but I think we’re back to less than ten years because of the industrial base that is now running in Russia,” said General Eirik Kristoffersen, head of the Norwegian Armed Forces.


Biden to skip Switzerland’s Ukraine peace summit

US president Joe Biden is set to skip the upcoming Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland despite the Ukrainian president’s direct appeal to his most significant ally.

The US will instead be represented by vice president Kamala Harris and Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan during the two-day event on 15 and 16 June in Lucern, the White House said in a statement.

Mr Zelensky had said that only Vladimir Putin will “applaud” Biden if he fails to show up in Switzerland.

“I believe that the peace summit needs President Biden, and other leaders need President Biden because they will look at the US’s reaction,” Mr Zelensky said at a press conference in Brussels last week.

Mr Biden’s absence “would only be met by an applause by Putin – a personal, standing applause,” he added.

China has already pulled out of the summit after it expressed concerns over Russia not being invited.

The Kremlin has pressurised its allies not to take part in the summit, claiming it lacks clear goals and that it was absurd to hold it without Russia.

Shweta Sharma5 June 2024 05:05


As Russia’s forces edge ever closer, Kharkiv’s mayor has a defiant message for Putin

Alexander Butler5 June 2024 05:00


Britain to deliver 1,000 first-person view drones to Ukraine

The UK is expected to send 1,000 first-person view drones to Ukraine, according to a tender posted on the government’s website.

The government is inviting bidders to provide drones that are “capable of carrying varying payloads depending on their propeller size”, reported The Telegraph.

The notice called for 15 batches of 20 “first-person view racing quadcopter style drones” worth £300,000.

The potential delivery would be part of an international coalition launched by Britain and Latvia in February to supply unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to the front lines of Ukraine.

Shweta Sharma5 June 2024 04:42


Russia calls French military instructors in Ukraine ‘legitimate target’

Russian foreign minister Sergi Lavrov said any French military instructors in Ukraine would be a “legitimate target” for Russian armed forces amid reports Paris was considering sending trainers to Kyiv.

During his Africa tour yesterday, Mr Lavrov claimed French instructors were already on Ukrainian territory.

“As for the French instructors, I think they are already on the Ukrainian territory,” Mr Lavrov said, referring to the military instructors that France could send to train Ukrainian troops. “Regardless of their status, military officials or mercenaries represent a legitimate target for our armed forces.”

Ukraine‘s top commander said last week he had signed paperwork allowing French military instructors to access Ukrainian training centres soon.

But French president Emmanuel Macron said last week he would not comment on “rumours or decisions that could be made.”

He said he would elaborate on France’s support during the 80th anniversary commemorations of D-Day later this week.

Mr Macron’s office said it would not comment on Mr Lavrov’s remarks.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that “instructors who train the Kyiv regime’s troops don’t have any sort of immunity, and it doesn’t matter whether they are French or not.”


Shweta Sharma5 June 2024 04:14


Biden to meet Zelensky during France visit

President Joe Biden will meet Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky in Normandy during his D-Day celebration visit to France, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said.

He confirmed that the US was not planning to send American military trainers to Ukraine.

“For our part, we’re not planning for a training mission in Ukraine,” Mr Sullivan said.

“They need more air defences and we are working on that and they need a continued flow of weaponry which we will supply to them.”

The US president’s remarks in Normandy, both on Thursday at the formal 80th anniversary ceremony and on Friday at the famed Pointe du Hoc cliffs, will centre around the dangers of isolationism and the need to stand up to dictators, Mr Sullivan said.

Shweta Sharma5 June 2024 03:54


They escaped Russia’s deadly assault on Kharkiv – now these Ukrainians face another catastrophe

Alexander Butler5 June 2024 03:00


The Russian glide bombs changing the face of the war in Ukraine

The Russian glide bombs changing the face of the war in Ukraine

Winged explosives weighing up to 1,500 kilograms – and nicknamed the ‘building destroyer’ – have had a devastating impact wherever they have been used, writes Tom Watling. Kyiv is battling them as best it can but needs Western allies to step up and provide more weapons, air defences and ammunition

Alexander Butler5 June 2024 01:00


The war against rabies in Ukraine and the race to stop it crossing borders

The war against rabies in Ukraine and the race against time to stop it spreading

A disease which has been largely eradicated from Europe, rabies is suddenly raising its head in Ukraine where millions of abandoned pets are now running wild. Ahead of a film exposing the public health crisis, Joe Shute talks to Khrystyna Drahomaretska who caught the disease during her work inoculating feral cats and dogs roaming the streets in the wartorn country

Alexander Butler4 June 2024 23:00


Putin’s forces killed his brother. He takes revenge using hundreds of suicide drones to blow Russian troops up

Alexander Butler4 June 2024 21:00


Zelensky accuses China of helping Russia sabotage Ukraine peace summit

Alexander Butler4 June 2024 19:00

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