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Pro-Palestinian protesters carrying fake corpses clash with police on UCLA campus

A large group of pro-Palestinian protesters marched across the UCLA campus while carrying flags and fake corpses on Monday. 

Protesters marching across the UCLA campus on Monday, June 10. 


SkyCal was overhead as hundreds of people walked through the Westwood campus around 3 p.m. 

Some of the demonstrators carried what looked like bodies on makeshift gurneys and some had what looked to be dismembered bodies before gathering around the fountain in the Dickson Plaza outside of Royce Hall.  

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Several of the masked protesters could be seen as they dumped what looked to be red food coloring into the water. Others poured red paint on the Janss Steps, which lead to the fountain. Eventually, the red-dyed water was poured down the steps.

Protesters set up tents on the UCLA campus on June 10, 2024. 


As the protest continued, some could be seen setting up tents and portable shade covers while entrances to the fountain area were blocked off. 

According to The Daily Bruin, a student-run newspaper at UCLA, police declared the gathering as an unlawful assembly and at around 6 p.m., Los Angeles Police Department officers issued a tactical alert for the protest. 

After about two hours near the fountain, the group was forced to move to the bottom of the Janss Steps when police told them that they had 10 minutes to disperse. They gathered at the base of the steps before moving to another part of campus near the Moore Hall dining area, where they used tables, chairs and umbrellas from the dining area to block any entrance. 

Protesters standing face to face with law enforcement on the UCLA campus o June 10, 2024. 


Again, the group dispersed from the area before gathering in the courtyard behind Dodd Hal near the Lu Valle Commons. 

The two sides clashed at about 8 p.m., when a large group of officers swarmed the protesters on a walkway in between tall hedges. Multiple people could be seen as they were detained by officers, who were also taking the wooden shields and props that the demonstrators were carrying with SkyCal overhead.

There have been several notable demonstrations on the UCLA campus in recent weeks, with some instances resulting in dozens of arrests and protesters forming a large encampment that escalated into violence. 

This is a developing story. Check back for details. 

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