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Pokémon Go Inbound from Ultra Space quest step, research tasks and bonuses

Inbound from Ultra Space is our warm-up event for this year’s Go Fest Global event in Pokémon Go.

As the name suggests, this Pokémon Go event sees the Ultra Beasts invade five-star raids once again. They will be rotating every day, so make sure you check out the Inbound from Ultra Space raid schedule to know when each Ultra Beast is making an appearance.

As you compete in raids, you’ll also be able to progress through the Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research quest which also rewards you with Ultra Beast encounters. You even have the chance to catch the regionally exclusive Ultra Beasts!

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Watch us battle Guzzlord – one of the Ultra Beasts in Pokémon GoWatch on YouTube

‘Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research’ quest step in Pokémon Go

The Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research quest is available to all Pokémon Go players and you have until Saturday 13th July 2024 at 10am (local time).

We highly recommend you take the time to complete this research quest too as it will offer you the chance to catch all of the Ultra Beasts, aside from Poipole and Naganadel, which have been released in Pokémon Go so far. This is perfect for anyone who’s missing an Ultra Beast from their collection or wants to gain some more Candy for a specific beast. Especially if you’re missing the regionally exclusive Ultra Beasts as they all make an appearance in the quest below and, unlike in raids, they can’t run away.

Celesteela and the other regional Ultra Beasts can be obtained through this quest.

So here is the Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research quest step and rewards in Pokémon Go. Watch out for spoilers, but I’ve kind of already done that haven’t I?

‘Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research’ Step 1 of 1

  • Win 2 raids – Blacephalon encounter
  • Win 3 raids – Stakataka encounter
  • Win 4 raids – Guzzlord encounter
  • Win 5 raids – Nihilego encounter
  • Win 6 raids – Kartana encounter
  • Win 7 raids – Celesteela encounter
  • Win 8 raids – Xurkitree encounter
  • Win 9 raids – Buzzwole encounter
  • Win 10 raids – Pheromosa encounter

Rewards: 5 Buzzwole Candy XL, 5 Pheromosa Candy XL and 5 Xurkitree Candy XL.

The Shared Skies Season is here! Currently Aquatic Paradise is running in Pokémon Go. The road to Go Fest 2024: Global has also begun with Inbound from Ultra Space!

Don’t forget to try out Routes, Gift Exchange and Party Play while you’re hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

Inbound from Ultra Space raid schedule in Pokémon Go

Inbound from Ultra Space brings a packed raid schedule to Pokémon Go, so I thought it would be best to give it a dedicated section since every day marks a different Ultra Beast in five-star raids. Before we get into the schedule though, there’s a couple of things you need to know.

Firstly, every day has a raid hour for its spotlighted Ultra Beast between 6pm to 7pm (local time) – ideal for battling in a bunch of raids with your friends. Next up is the fact that you might find yourself catching a shiny Buzzwole, Pheromosa or Xurkitree for the first time!

Buzzwole and Pheromosa now have shiny forms!

Finally, all of the Ultra Beasts you catch from these raids will have a Special Background. These backgrounds are similar to ones from past Go Fest events and will appear on the Pokémon’s summary page for you to enjoy. It’s important to note that the Ultra Beasts caught from the above research quest will not have these backgrounds.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the Inbound from Ultra Space raid schedule:

Xurkitree can also be shiny now!
  • Monday 8th JulyGuzzlord
  • Tuesday 9th JulyNihilego
  • Wednesday 10th July Celesteela in the Southern Hemisphere and Kartana in the Northern Hemisphere
  • Thursday 11th July – Stakataka in the Eastern Hemisphere and Blacephalon in the Western Hemisphere
  • Friday 12th JulyBuzzwole in The Americas and Greenland, Pheromosa in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India, Xurkitree in Asia-Pacific

Remember – all of the regional Ultra Beasts are available via the timed research quest above. It may take you a while to catch them during these encounters, but, unlike during raids, Pokémon can not escape from quest encounters. Due to this, we recommend catching the regional Ultra Beasts from the timed research quest rather than spending Remote Raid Passes.

Everything we know about the Inbound from Ultra Space event in Pokémon Go

Inbound from Ultra Space will run until Saturday 13th July at 10am (local time) in Pokémon Go, so it’s ending just in time for Go Fest 2024: Global! This event has two bonuses running both during it and a little bit beyond, which you need to know about.

The first is that all players who Level 31 or above are guaranteed to receive Candy XL from trading Pokémon until Sunday 14th July at 11:59pm (local time). If you’ve purchased a Go Fest 2024: Global, you’ll be able to conduct six Special Trades per day during the event, so, coupled with this bonus, it’s an excellent chance to get your hands on some rare Candy XL.

The second bonus is all about Remote Raid Passes and is divided into two halves. Part one sees the amount of Remote Raid Passes you can use per day being increased to 20 until Thursday 11th July. The moment Friday 12th July rolls around, part two will kick in which sees the Remote Raid Pass limit being removed completely until some time on Sunday 14th July. The Remote Raid Pass limit will most likely return when Go Fest Global ends at 6pm (local time). Still, it’s an excellent time to relive the glory days of no Remote Raid Pass limit at all. I miss those days….

Image credit: Niantic

If you’ve already purchased your Go Fest 2024: Global ticket, you can also enjoy an extra set of bonuses. This includes a reduced hatch distance for any egg placed in an Incubator until Sunday 14th July at 11:59pm (local time), the ability to open 40 Gifts per day, a special 7km egg pool and increased shiny odds for the Pokémon hatched from these eggs.

This special 7km egg pool includes:

The regionally exclusive Maractus can be hatched from these special 7km eggs.

Tier 1

  • Ducklett
  • Emolga
  • Crabrawler
  • Jangmo-o

Tier 2

  • Corsola
  • Budew
  • Maractus
  • Vullaby
  • Rockruff

Tier 5

  • Larvesta
  • Rockruff with the ability to evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc

Image credit: Eurogamer/Niantic

Aside from these bonuses, there’s also a Global Challenge running throughout Inbound from Ultra Space in preparation for Go Fest 2024 – complete 30,000,000 Raid Battles.

Every player in Pokémon Go takes part in completing a Global Challenge and, if we succeed, everyone will be able to use Beast Balls to catch Ultra Beasts during Go Fest 2024: Global! Additionally, after the challenge is completed, Party Power will charge faster when raiding until Saturday 13th July at 10am (local time).

It’s important to note that this Global Challenge will end at the following times on Friday 12th July as the Global Challenges for Go Fest begin an hour afterwards:

  • UK – 9pm (BST)
  • Europe – 10pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US – 4pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US – 1pm (PDT)

Finally, Inbound from Ultra Space has a number of pay-to-play offerings. The first is, of course, a pay-to-play research quest that offers additional candy for all of the Ultra Beasts, aside from Poipole and Naganadel, and a completed raid XP bonus among other rewards. If purchased this quest will expire on Sunday 14th July at 8pm (local time), so you can continue working on it during Go Fest. A ticket costs £4.99, $5 or the equivalent price in your local currency. It is nonrefundable and can’t be purchased using PokéCoin, but can be gifted to a player you’re Great Friends or higher with.

Image credit: Niantic

Secondly, four item bundles at various prices will be available in the Pokémon Go web store during this event. One is focused around raids (at $19.99), another hatching eggs (for $39.99) and the cheapest ($4.99) offers storage upgrades for both your Item Bag and Pokémon Storage along with some Raid Passes and Incubators. If you’re interested, head over to the Pokémon Go Web Store where the bundles will be listed in full with your regional pricing.

Hope you enjoy the Inbound from Ultra Space event and are getting ready for Go Fest 2024: Global!

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