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Opportunity Card makes it easier for skilled workers to work in Germany

Berlin ( – Immigration to Germany will be easier for skilled workers as of 1 June 2024. All the new regulations under the reformed Skilled Labour Immigration Act now apply. As of 1 June, an “Opportunity Card” enables skilled workers from third countries to look for work inGermany. The new system is based on points, taking into account qualifications, professional experience, relevance to Germany and personal criteria such as age. In addition, 50,000 people from the Western Balkan countries are to be given access to the German labour market. 

Even before this, there were already numerous ways in which it was easier for university graduates and skilled workers with professional qualifications from outside the EU to immigrate to Germany. Among other things, the salary limits for the EU Blue Card have been lowered. In March 2024 the hurdles were lowered for skilled workers with practical professional experience. The German economy needs skilled workers from abroad, which is why steps have now been taken to make immigration much easier for them. 

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