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Inside Out 2’s Scrapped Guilt and Suspicion Emotions Revealed

The anticipated Inside Out 2 introduced a whole cast of new emotions. Concept art for the scrapped emotions Guilt and Suspicion has been revealed.

Pixar’s sequel to its 2015 film Inside out follows a slightly older Riley and how she adapts to being a teenager. Her original five emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger all make a return in the newest entry. Along with returning character, there are brand new emotions, including Anxiety, Embarrassment, Envy, and Ennui. Originally, the film was supposed to feature nine brand-new emotions who would overwhelm the original cast. Director Kelsey Mann chose to cut some of them for the sake of simplicity. While not much is known about the rejected characters, concept art of two of them, Guilt and Suspicion, were revealed by Pixar character designer Crystal Kung on Instagram.


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The illustrations showcase several different ideas for the scrapped emotions. Some of Guilt’s designs depict him as a small purple man either wearing a large backpack or a ball and chain, while Suspicion is a hard-boiled detective in a large trench coat. Details about Guilt and Suspicion’s role in the story are not known, however, the reveal of their designs gives some insight into the film’s early development.

The Plans Changed Greatly for the Inside Out 2 Emotions

The final version of Inside Out 2 is about the emotions most associated with growing up. The new emotions are intended to be relatable to teenagers. Originally, Anxiety, voiced by Maya Hawke, was intended to be the film’s villain. This was changed to make Anxiety more sympathetic. Similarly, another cut emotion, Shame, was removed to avoid the film becoming too dark. The film ultimately chose more positive depictions of the new emotions.


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Ultimately, the choice to scrap emotions was important to the development of the film Inside Out 2. While many fans may be disappointed over the cut characters, an Inside Out spinoff show is currently in the works for those excited to see more. Mann has also expressed interest in making a third film along with Amy Poehler, the voice of joy. Whether this future content will revisit the many scrapped emotions is not currently known.

Inside Out 2 is now available in theaters.

Source: Crystal Kung

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