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IKEA Australia develops national charging network for electric deliveries

The company is investing $4.5 million and has tapped JET Charge to establish dedicated electric chargers for delivery partner fleets across all local stores.

IKEA Australia has revealed a multi-million-dollar investment in dedicated electric chargers for delivery partner fleets in all stores across the country.

In partnership with JET Charge, there will be electric charging and energy management systems installed for six vehicles at each of the ten stores around Australia. In addition, its Central Distribution Centre warehouse in Sydney’s Marsden Park will provide charging for 28 vehicles.

“Supporting our delivery partners to electrify sees us move closer to our overall goal of 100% zero emissions truck deliveries at IKEA Australia, but more importantly, we believe it can also help drive further positive change we want to see in the industry as an investment in the future of last mile delivery,” said Alexandra Kelly, Zero Emissions Delivery Lead, IKEA Australia.

IKEA deliveries are carried out by delivery partners, each with their own network of truck and van drivers, who are working together with the company to transition to zero emissions delivery. The installation project being carried out by JET Charge is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. 

“The reliability of EV charging infrastructure is fundamental to the adoption of electric fleets, particularly within the logistics sector where every morning counts. IKEA trucks and vans need to be fully charged and ready to make deliveries without fail,” added Tim Washington, CEO, JET Charge.

The new electric chargers are a mix of AC and DC charging options to cater to the different needs of IKEA delivery partners’ trucks and vans. These provide 22kW and 20kW for overnight charging, and 75kW and 150kW for fast charging, as well as the JET Charge CORE energy management system which allows energy to be smartly controlled within the site.

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