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General Election live: Sunak set to be first sitting PM to lose seat, poll finds

Sunak branded ‘pound shop Nigel Farage’ during live radio interview

Rishi Sunak is predicted to become the first sitting prime minister ever to lose their seat at a general election, according to a new poll.

The polling from Savanta for The Daily Telegraph consulted around 18,000 people between 7 June and 18 June, and found Mr Sunak was likely to lose his North Yorkshire Richmond seat to Labour.

It comes as a mega-poll revealed the Tories are set to suffer the party’s worst loss in more than a century with senior Cabinet ministers losing their seats.

With just two weeks to go before the general election, the Blue Wall could be shaking as safe seats like Jeremy Hunt’s constituency in South West Surrey is set to fall, the survey predicts.

More In Common UK pollsters warned the results show the Conservatives could emerge with only 155 seats, which is the worst number since 1906.

The astonishing defeat was already predicted by senior frontbenchers this morning with work and pensions secretary Mel Stride claiming that Labour could win the “biggest majority in UK history” if Sir Keir Starmer secures a landslide victory on July 4.


Breaking: Conservatives on course for worst defeat in over a century with Jeremy Hunt to lose seat, new mega-poll shows

The Conservatives are on course for their worst defeat in more than a century with high-profile names including Jeremy Hunt set to lose their seats, according to a new poll.

Adding further misery to a raft of gloomy polls for the government, the party will also be completely wiped out in Wales on July 4, the survey predicts.

Luke Tryl, executive director of More In Common UK, which carried out the research, said the findings showed that the Tories were in a “deep hole” and the problem was getting worse.

Salma Ouaguira19 June 2024 16:02


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Rishi Sunak ‘fighting the wrong campaign’

The prime minister today took a trip to southwest England in a bid to rescue seats from a pincer movement by Nigel Farage’s Reform UK on the right and Labour and the Liberal Democrats on the left.

But as Mr Sunak was openly mocked by his rivals amid images of him speaking on hay bales and sheep running away when he tried to feed them, former chancellor George Osborne, who ran the winning election campaigns in 2010 and 2015, heaped criticism on the beleaguered prime minister.

Salma Ouaguira20 June 2024 00:01


Rishi Sunak condemns Stonehenge attack as ‘disgraceful act of vandalism’

Salma Ouaguira19 June 2024 23:00


Comment | Keir Starmer is right to keep his wife Victoria out of the spotlight

“I rather admire the way Starmer has struck a deal with the devil of media intrusion on his own terms,” says Rentoul.

“He will use his wife’s work as an occupational therapist to buttress his pro-NHS credentials, and he will talk about his son and daughter enough to prove that he is a centrist dad; but he has not (yet) asked Victoria to introduce him at Labour Party conference, and he never uses his children’s names in public or allows photographs of them.”

Salma Ouaguira19 June 2024 22:00


Voter registrations tank for under-25s

The deadline to register to vote passed yesterday (18 June), and over 630,000 people applied to register on the final day, Alicja Hagopian reports.

This marks 2.9m voter registrations since the election was called on 22 May. This figure is down by 1 million from the same period before the 2019 general election (29 October-26 November), when 3.85m people registered to vote.

Though 18-34 year olds had the highest proportion of registrations overall, the Gen-Z population may not be showing up to the ballot in high numbers.

The under-25 age group has sent in just 746,000 applications to vote ahead of the registration deadline — compared to double that (1.4m) before the 2019 general election.

Salma Ouaguira19 June 2024 21:30


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