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Find out which Disability retirees are getting the new $3,822 payment

Disability Beneficiaries will arrive in the next week

Disability Beneficiaries will arrive in the next week

The new United States Social Security Disability retirement benefits are just around the corner. In just a few days, any eligible citizen will be able to get this monthly check to use for whatever they need.

However, those who do not meet the requirements will not be able to receive a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payment in June. But keep in mind that the payment may arrive on a different day. Each group of retirees has the payment on a different day and what we have to know is which group of retirees we belong to.

On the next June 18th, 2024, group 3 of Social Security beneficiaries, whether for Disability or other reasons, will have access to the benefit. Therefore, checking the requirements to be part of this group is more than enough. Once we check the requirements we can mark in our calendar if we will have the payment on that day or not.

Requirements for the new disability payment

The Disability check will arrive on June 18th, as we have already noted. This new check can have a maximum payment of up to $3,822, but not all Americans are eligible for such a payment. Each check is totally unique, so we must keep that in mind for the organization of the economy in our household.

The payment we will get in the month of June will be the same as in previous months this year. The COLA did increase the checks in 2024, but there are no more mid-year increases. So we will have the check that we have had in May and the rest of the previous months.

As far as requirements, there are two that we have to keep in mind. These two requirements are mandatory. On the one hand, it is mandatory to have the retirement benefit since after May 1997. On the other hand, it is necessary to have a birthday between the 11th and 20th of any month. This makes us part of group 3 of retirees and, therefore, we can get the benefit on June 18th.

Also, remember that it is not mandatory to have a Disability benefit. Any type of benefit can be used to collect on this day. If you are part of another group, you will get the money on another day. The calendar is very easy to understand and it is enough to look at the conditions for each collection day.

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