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Cancelled WestJet flights: What Metro Vancouver travellers need to know

Travellers may be entitled to free re-bookings but need to act swiftly.

Vancouver travellers with cancelled WestJet flights due to the strike will be reimbursed but they should stay tuned for updates.

The WestJet Group has cancelled around 40 flights ahead of a possible strike by its aircraft maintenance workers on Thursday, June 20.

The airline says about 6,500 travellers have been affected by the decision to cover flights on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The airline says it is doing everything possible to accommodate affected guests while it awaits a response from the Canadian Industrial Relations Board to intervene under the Canada Labour Code. If accepted, this action would refer WestJet and Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association to arbitration for a first collective agreement and prevent labour action by either party.

WestJet wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter, that a “lockout notice is just a part of the labour negotiation process, and does not mean a work stoppage nor travel disruption will occur.” 

Guests should check their flight status online before leaving for the airport. They should also visit WestJet’s Guest Updates page for more information regarding flight status and travel changes.

What to do if your WestJet flight has not been cancelled 

Customers with WestJet flights scheduled between June 18 and June 20 in all fare classes are entitled to a free one-time fee waiver for changes or cancellations. 

Travellers should keep the following rules in mind when booking their new ticket:

  • If you change your destination, the difference in fare applies. Any residual funds are refunded.    
  • If you change to a different aircraft cabin, the difference in fare applies. Any residual funds are refunded. 
  • Changes to WestJet Rewards companion voucher booking (including expired companion voucher bookings) are permitted.
  • Travel must be completed by July 24 to have the difference in fare waived. The difference in fare will apply to travel completed after July 25, 2024. 
  • If you cancel your booking, the funds will be refunded or credited based on the fare class booked; Basic and UltraBasic will receive travel credit.
  • If you cancel your booking, any portion paid with WestJet dollars, Travel Bank credit or a WestJet rewards companion voucher will be returned to your account and the original expiration date (if applicable) will apply. 
  • Changes or cancellations must be requested more than two hours before the original departure.   

To change an existing booking, visit WestJet’s Manage Flights portal online.

Travellers who booked WestJet Vacations packages may also enjoy flexible re-booking policies for travel commencing during the same time.

  • A free one-time fee waiver will be offered for changes or cancellations (hotel penalties apply).
  • If you change your booking, the difference in package price applies and is subject to availability.  
  • If you cancel your booking, the value of the package will be returned as WestJet dollars with a one-year expiry date, less a $200 per person hotel penalty. 

To cancel an existing WestJet Vacations booking, visit Manage Vacation Packages.   

What to do if your WestJet flight has been cancelled 

WestJet says it emailed customers with cancelled flights. The email’s subject line should read: “Essential or Crucial details for your upcoming flight” and include self-serve or live chat options.

Customers with cancelled WestJet Vacations packages should also check their email for the subject “Essential or Crucial details for your upcoming flight” for self-serve or live chat options.

Travellers can review or edit their preferred email with WestJet to ensure they receive strike updates.

What to do for WestJet flight disruptions

WestJet must make every effort to get guests to their final destination and may move them to other airlines in some circumstances. 

WestJet’s “flight delays and cancellations” page offers advice for travellers with unexpected schedule changes.

WestJet’s pilots went on strike over the 2023 May long weekend, resulting in thousands of flight cancellations and havoc across the country. 

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