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Bitcoin: Whales are Accumulating Despite the Drop

Tue 09 Jul 2024 ▪
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Mikaia A.

Bitcoin and other altcoins have recently experienced a downward spiral, raising concerns in the cryptocurrency market. However, despite this decline, some investors, particularly whales, see an opportunity and rush to accumulate these assets. This renewed interest in a challenging context raises questions about the long-term prospects of these leading cryptos. Let’s dive into the details of this intriguing trend.

Baleine, traders accumulant des pièces de bitcoins

Bitcoin Whales on the Prowl

Bitcoin may be going through challenging times right now, but the situation isn’t as dire as it seems. Recent on-chain data from CryptoQuant shows significant BTC accumulation by whales, those large investors who have a substantial influence on the market.

The “exchange netflow,” a key indicator, reveals that Bitcoin outflows from exchange platforms have reached record levels in 2024. In fact, more than 46,000 BTC, or over 2.6 billion USD, have left exchanges, signaling a desire for long-term holding.

This trend is interpreted as a potential bullish sign for Bitcoin. While most investors panic and sell, these whales seem to be betting on a future price increase.

Their strategy? Bet on the long term and avoid crypto market turbulence.

Bitcoin net flow on exchanges – Source: CryptoQuant

Crypto: A Risk Reduction Strategy

In addition to movements on spot exchanges, derivatives exchanges have also recorded massive BTC outflows. This phenomenon suggests that investors are trying to reduce their risk exposure.

Unlike spot platforms, where deposits are often a prelude to sales, derivative outflows do not necessarily indicate an imminent sale.

On the contrary, whales might be transferring their assets to private wallets, anticipating price stabilization or future price increases.

Here is a key point to note: massive derivative outflows imply a reduction in risky positions, which could ease market volatility in the short term.

This maneuver demonstrates a cautious strategy in the face of current uncertainties and might stabilize the market during periods of high fluctuation.

The renewed interest of whales in Bitcoin, despite its decline, suggests intriguing prospects. If these large investors are betting on a future rise, it will be fascinating to see how the market evolves.

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