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Bitcoin: The only decentralized currency, asserts the CEO of Tether

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Bitcoin continues to make headlines. Recently, Pablo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, called Bitcoin the “only true decentralized currency,” praising its uniqueness and undethronable status. With this bold statement, Ardoino highlighted what sets Bitcoin apart from other cryptos, emphasizing its immutability and the purely mathematical governance that underpins it.

Bitcoin decentralisation

The only currency governed by mathematics

According to Pablo Ardoino, Bitcoin is a unique example of a currency governed solely by math, a fact that makes it inherently decentralized.

During his interview with Cointelegraph, he stressed that Bitcoin fundamentally cannot be altered, which sets it apart from other digital currencies.

“With other currencies, you see that there is a group of developers who come every month. They release a new software version, they can change monetary policy, inflationary, deflationary, and they continue to change things,” said Ardoino. In contrast, Bitcoin offers a rare certainty and stability, making it a trusted currency for investors and users.

Bitcoin’s decentralization

Decentralization is one of BTC’s most valuable features. Unlike other digital assets that undergo constant updates and changes by developer groups, Bitcoin remains unchanged.

Indeed, this stability is due to its robust infrastructure and secure protocol, designed to withstand sudden changes.

The CEO of Tether noted that Bitcoin’s true decentralization makes it unique and practically impossible to replicate in the current crypto landscape. This rarity and stability explain why BTC has stayed at the top of the market for so long, even in the face of growing competition.

Bitcoin has proven its resilience and ability to maintain its leading position in the crypto universe. In March 2024, it reached an all-time high of $73,000, once again demonstrating its robustness and popularity.

Pablo Ardoino also pointed out that it is unlikely another digital asset will surpass BTC due to the strength of its infrastructure and the trust it inspires.

Despite numerous attempts by other cryptocurrencies to compete with Bitcoin, none have succeeded in achieving the same level of decentralization and stability. This reality bolsters Bitcoin’s position as the undisputed king of cryptocurrencies, a position it seems poised to maintain for years to come. Meanwhile, Tron dethrones Ethereum.

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