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Bertotto Boglione traveled to Germany for UNITI expo 2024

The Argentine company was present at UNITI expo in Stuttgart, Germany, an event where innovation and the latest technologies are the norm.

UNITI expo is the leading European trade fair for the fuel retail industry. Thanks to its conference program and workshops, the compact three-day format (May 14-16), and its biannual frequency, the event has been designed to meet the specific needs of the global industry.

Bertotto Boglione is a leader in storage solutions across Latin America and, in order to keep growing, it is implementing new technologies and innovations that will enable the company to cover more markets and provide more solutions.

Eduardo Borri, head of the company from Córdoba, explained why they visited the event in Germany: “We came to look for technologies that allow us to continue our leadership, especially to understand as much as possible about the global developments in alternative energies such as hydrogen, LNG and others that may appear, which we will have access to in the near future. Europe sets the trend in the development of this type of technologies.”

Bertotto Boglione’s president added that its intention is to meet with colleagues and visit different companies on each trip. The gamechanger in this opportunity was the networking with manufacturers from Poland, Egypt, Portugal and Germany, among other countries: “We met with suppliers who already know that we are launching new products and who are already available to supply the necessary equipment”.

Regarding the quality offered by the company from Marcos Juarez, Borri said: “Bertotto Boglione is competitive in technological terms. Our technology is mature, with innovations to match.”

On the other hand, Pablo Capuano, the company’s commercial manager, valued the exhibition’s focus on service stations. “Our idea is to get to know the new trends in Europe, with interesting and diverse exhibitors. We know what they offer for service stations, technologies and innovations that we aren’t seeing in other international exhibitions,” Capuano said.

Finally, he contemplated the importance of importing technology: “We want to see how we can improve our offer for Latin America. There is equipment for AdBlue that left from Europe and many new ideas that can inspire us as a company.”

“For us as a company it is essential to interact globally to understand different realities. Many times we find solutions to situations that have not yet occurred in our region; it is getting ahead of what our customers need. When we achieve this, we are highly valued,” said María Rosa Miguel, vice-president of the Bertotto Boglione Group. “We are a competitive company in many aspects, and that allows us access to feedback all the time,” she concluded.

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