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Angel Reese Postgame Interview Interrupted By Hot Mic Of Reporter Watching ‘Intimate’ Big

Angel Reese’s postgame interview following her Chicago Sky’s loss to the Seattle Storm on Sunday night was interrupted by none other than Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory.

During the team’s postgame interview, one reporter began asking a question before quickly being cut off by another reporter’s unmuted mic. Instead of paying attention to the postgame interview taking place, the reporter was catching up on some Big Bang episodes.

The timing was immaculate, too, as the audio that just so happened to be shared was Cooper talking about having an “intimate relationship.” Cooper is heard saying “oh my, that’s an uncomfortable topic” to which Sky coach Terese Weatherspoon hilariously lets out an audible “ooh” before Reese says “excuse me.”

Reese saying “ooooh, they about to get fired” at the 30-second mark of the video adds another hilarious layer to the moment.

There is a joke to be made about how the WNBA wants everyone to take it seriously when one of its star players, a teammate, and their head coach are crowded around one computer screen for a postgame interview only to be interrupted by Sheldon Cooper talking about sex, but we won’t make that joke here.

As for the reporter with the hot mic, there are two ways to look at the situation. 

Anyone who has gotten on a Big Bang Theory run knows all too well it’s hard to stop. No, the show isn’t for everyone, but for those who do enjoy the show it’s easy to rattle off a handful of episodes in fast fashion, and I’d be willing to bet that’s what happened here to the reporter.

On the other hand, you simply have to make sure your TV or whatever device you’re streaming the show on is muted. Before you even enter that Zoom call, you have got to double-check to make sure all sound is off, but this reporter failed to do so.

You have to look at this as a learning moment if you’re the reporter. It’s fine to half-watch a press conference following a regular season WNBA game, but you have to be a bit more sly about it in the future.

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